Mr. Acunto is founder and president of CINN Group, a private group of companies in media and insurance.

Since 1978, CINN’s publishing activities have centered upon financial services, insurance, and public policy and include publishing of the Insurance Advocate, founded in 1889, Southern Insurance, founded in 1886, Empire State Report, founded in 1974, the Italian Journal, founded in 1947 and more than 30 other titles over its 35 years. Together with its financial services publications, the Companies have created and managed several international and national business organizations such as the American Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (ARIAS US), The Society of Insurance Financial Managers (SIFM) and the Insurance Federation of New York, Inc. (IFNY), among others.

Aquilan Assurance, an international insurance organization specializing in diplomatic missions, professional malpractice and fine arts risk financing, is among the companies, as is Aquilan Capital and Assurance, LLC, an investment group specializing in insurance and reinsurance.

CINN IGI represents CINN insurance and development interests in Northern Africa, the Middle East and SE Asia.

Measure Productions, LLC,  is a provider of cable television programming, including programs on medical and business topics.

 Capolavori Productions, Inc., produces theatrical productions, films, concerts and other events and holds intellectual property, production and publishing rights to an inventory of plays, books and films. The Company presented the world premiere of Deloss Brown’s stage adaptation of the Stendahl classic The Red and The Black at New York’s historic St. Clement’s Theater; produced the award winning short film Just Ancient Loops (Sundance, Rotterdam, and Clermont-Ferrand Film festivals); co-produced the off Broadway play Queen for a Day and sustains an agenda of theatrical and film projects.

Mr. Acunto serves on several corporate boards, including US RE Companies, ALLEUS and NYIREX, the New York Risk and Insurance Exchange.


Great-grandson of Michele Berardini, the first and among the most successful Italian merchant bankers to open branches in the U.S. (1870 to 1924) and creator of US patented international money transfer systems (1905), and grandson of composer/pianist Stefano Acunto (“Young America”) and architect Ercole Bisordi, Mr. Acunto remains active as a volunteer in Italian cultural, commercial and public affairs in the tradition of his forbearers. Together with his father, Steve Acunto, known as “Boxing’s Champion,” he has advocated medical safety and rigorous standards in the sport as president of the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing (1992-2003).

Mr. Acunto has served since 2002 as Hon. Vice Consul for Italy in New York State, serving commercial and cultural interests of Italy and assisting Italian citizens living in the region.

Mr. Acunto is Chairman of the Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. (visit IAF website) founded in 1947, whose “cultural diplomacy” initiatives include more than 60 concerts at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and elsewhere in New York and Italy, art shows, films and publications. The Italian Academy Foundation publishes the highly prized quarterly, the Italian Journal (visit Italian Journal website). Most recently, IAF sponsored the 2014 landmark exhibit Frate Francesco at the UN, featuring rare manuscripts of St Francis of Assisi for the first time ever outside Italy.

He was decorated with the rank of Commendatore, Order of Merit, Republic of Italy, and in 2010 he received Italy’s Star of Solidarity, Grande Ufficiale (Stella della Solidarita). He is a Board Member, Casa Italiana, New York University (visit the website).  Mr. Acunto is a Trustee of the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit. He is an Honorary Member of the Tiro a Segno Club and is a member of Gruppo Esponenti Italiani.


Mr. Acunto serves as Trustee and member of the Executive Committee, John Cabot University of Rome (visit the website); Trustee, College of Mount Saint Vincent (New York); and Chancellor of the Consular Corps College (Washington). In December, 2016, Mr. Acunto was re-elected Trustee and Secretary of the Council of Governing Boards, Inc. comprised of 15 trustees representing more than 2,000 member Trustees of New York’s 100 independent colleges and universities. As an officer of the CGB, he serves as a member of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities.

From 2013 to 2016 he served as Chairman of the Board of La Scuola d’Italia, the private, independent K-12 Italian Prep School in Manhattan (Visit the website). As Chairman of La Scuola, he led the 2015 acquisition of the school’s new campus in Manhattan, hired a new Head of School, new faculty and staff and set the school on its pursuit of the International Baccalaureate Degree. He has served as a Trustee of the school since 1999. He is past Chairman of The Montfort Academy,  past Trustee, Westchester Community College (SUNY) (1982 – 1991) and past President of the 6,000-student Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Board of Education (1983-84).


Mr. Acunto holds his B.A. and M.A. degrees (1971, 1973) in classical philology (Latin and Ancient Greek) from New York University. He was graduated from Mt St Michael Academy in New York. He is fluent in English, Italian, French and German and is the author of Westchester County, a History and Appreciation (Windsor Books, Whittier, CA 1991) and is editor of several art books, including: Giobbi: Representative Works; New York Colors, an Impressionist’s Ode to the City; Imaginal Realism (‘Realism Immaginale’), the first introduction to this landmark artistic movement in English; and Urban Archaeology, an anthology of the work of Giorgio Radicati; and Roma non sponte sequor, his Keynote speech for the New York State Historical Society. In 2014 he lectured at the Harvard Club on St Francis of Assisi and at the Guggenheim Museum on the museum’s Futurist exhibition for I-Italy TV. Mr Acunto served as a guest commentator on European and American affairs, notably the Ukrainian crisis and the Obama Presidency  on ARISE TV, the international station broadcast from London and Johannesburg to the EU, Africa and the Middle East.

A passionate opera fan, Mr. Acunto is President of the  American Society of Friends of Teatro alla Scala (visit the website),  a patron of the Metropolitan Opera and has served on the Boards of the New York City Opera and the American Institute for Verdi Studies at NYU.

Mr Acunto is an active member of the Union League Club of New York.

He is a communicant of St. Agnes Church in Manhattan.

Steve and his wife, Carole Haarmann Acunto, reside in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their daughter, Claudia, resides in Rome, Italy, with her husband, Mauro Benedetti and their son, Ludovico Stefano. The Acunto’s son, Stephen Jr., his wife, Dr. Veronica White, and their sons, Enrico and Edoardo, live in Princeton, NJ.


Steve Acunto is affiliated with the following organizations and institutions:
CINN Group, Inc. >
Italian Academy Foundation, Inc. >
Hon. Vice Consulate of Italy, NY State >
Consular Corps College >
John Cabot University >
La Scuola d’Italia >
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò >
American Institute of Verdi Studies at N.Y.U. >
American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit >]
Gruppo Esponenti Italiani >
Teatro alla Scala >